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Public Works

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The public works market is the backbone for public infrastructure within the nation. The focus of public works is in the overall benefit of communities and individuals alike. Parks, recreation facilities, wastewater treatment plants and public education facilities are all examples of common public works within communities. 

This market emphasizes proactive mitigation of future issues within these projects, since Public work projects are built for longterm utilization. Minimal maintenance for the infrastructures within the community is emphasized in this sector as well. However, constant construction and inevitable maintenance of public works lead to multiple parties and government agencies being involved in the process. 

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151 has multiple successful experiences supporting projects in this market. Our company’s adaptability, and personability allows for smooth relations between us and respecting parties and government agencies. The ability to visualize future issues and create mitigation strategies when supporting projects has also led to successful projects our personnel were involved in. 

Studio 151 exemplifies this ability with an assortment of experience from its employees; with previous work with clients such as:

  • Major container ship facility located in Oakland, Ca

  • City of San Jose

  • Agency responsible for public transportation in the Sacramento, Ca

  • Provider for stream stewardship, wholesale water supply and flood protection for Santa Clara County.

Management Services

Program Management

Construction Quality Control

A/E Selection

Bid Management



Constructability Reviews

Due Diligence Studies


Design Management

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