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Federal construction projects have a wide variety of categories and involvements within communities. This market can cover projects such as residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructural. Usually focused on beneficial purposes within the community or for the government, the project continuously varies in size and longevity, and are often subject to change. 


Federal construction projects have a wide variety of challenges that affect the outcome of developing projects. The largest being the strict obligation to prior ideas of what the project should become and regulations for federal construction projects. It is also another example of needing to account for a large amount of permits, and approval from multiple government agencies. 

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151’s expertise and reputation in managing Federal construction projects allows for the navigation of the circumstances presented in this market. Employees have past experience providing these construction services to:

  • Independent United States Space and Aeronautics administration

  • A Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science lab

  • Rapid Transit System Located in the Bay Area

Management Services

Program Management

Construction Quality Control

A/E Selection

Bid Management



Constructability Reviews

Due Diligence Studies


Design Management

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