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Studio 151 was founded in the Bay Area in 2004 on the basis of working with clients without bias. The company's success is completely dependent upon our core values

- Integrity and reliability, while emphasizing client needs.


Why Studio 151?

At Studio 151, we approach the industry differently by emphasizing the development of strong, long-lasting relationships with partners and clients. We understand the complex nature of business-critical systems. Our team is well-versed in system reliability and maximizing time efficiency. We are committed to delivery support services at the highest level to maintain peak performance through management and design.

Need expert solutions?

Clients understand that they can depend on Studio 151 with successful experience in high-level performance within some of the largest and most sophisticated network infrastructures in the nation. Including but not limited to: San Francisco International Airport, California Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, Santa Clara Silicon Chip Manufacturer, Seagate, Large Retail Store, and Nokia. This is why a majority of clients are repeat customers, trusting that our Engineer and Construction management services have a longstanding history of creating solutions that conserve funds and time for clients.



Studio 151 has multiple LBE/SBE certifications with the City of San Francisco, the City of Los Angeles and the state of California. 

  • Small Business (Micro) and Public Works – California DGS – ID Number 2019566

  •  City of Los Angeles Small Business Enterprise Certificate RAMP#19556       

  • Small Business San Francisco LBE– CMD 122217290

  • I.D: TC7TMB2Z58A8

Talk with our Experts

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