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High Tech Manufacturing


To keep up with the ever increasing demand for materials, manufacturing practices continue to evolve at an ever increasing rate. The manufacturing demand is emphasized on technological goods, such as cars, phones, computers, etc. To keep up with the indefinite demand for these manufactured goods, High Tech Manufacturing facilities are required to continue developing and improving updated technological practices. 

High Tech Manufacturing involves some of the most advanced, cutting edge technologies available to manufacture products, developing faster than any other sector. This constant development of the technology in manufacturing creates uniquely specific challenges in this industry. Such constant precision of the machinery requires an ongoing knowledge of the complicated processes during development. Knowledge of widespread access control systems for operation repairs and maintenance are also crucial to mitigate future issues within the facilities. 

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151 has a high level of experience in this market, supporting numerous projects within the industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the interconnected systems within high tech manufacturing has led to the  successful development and update of multiple facilities. The need for detailed observation and overview in this industry is met with our employees' experience and skill sets.


Studio 151’s ability to understand the entirety of presented projects, has allowed employees to have experience with respecting clients such as: 

  • Geostationary Satellites and satellite systems designers, manufacturers and integrators company. 

  • American Multinational corporation, technology and semiconductor chip manufacturing company located in Santa Clara, CA. 

  • Canadian LP operational Data Center Company

  • Electric Car Manufacturer 

  • American Supplier of Wafer Fabrication Equitment and related services in semiconductor industry.

Management Services

Program Management

Construction Quality Control

A/E Selection

Bid Management



Constructability Reviews

Due Diligence Studies


Design Management

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