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Mission Critical Data Centers


With the increasing demand for information and internet connection, high power servers with increased ability for data processing and transmission requests are becoming increasingly necessary. Leading to Mission Critical Data Centers constantly being under development around the country. 

Mission Critical Data Centers are highly complex systems, with multi facing challenges and considerations that are distinctively unlike that of any other construction sector. When under development, considerations such as infrastructure monitoring, heat density, energy efficiency, cooling capacity and power density must be taken into account. Studio 151 approaches these inefficiencies within the data center market by providing support in planning, budgeting and time efficiency within the development of these systems.

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151 has a large range of experience supporting Data Center projects, fitting the need for the complex understanding and execution of the inner workings of these facilities. Our ability to grasp the entire process of Data Center projects has led to the continuation of supporting services with numerous clients and many successfully executed projects. Through high detailed observation, communication and collaboration, Studio 151 can support any number of Mission Critical Data Center projects. 

  • American Multinational corporation, technology and semiconductor chip manufacturing company located in Santa Clara, CA. 

  • Canadian LP operational Data Center Company

  •  Hosting, application management and managed cloud services for enterprises Provider

  • A Provider of information technology services

  • Savings Bank Holding Company 

Management Services

Program Management

Construction Quality Control

A/E Selection

Bid Management



Constructability Reviews

Due Diligence Studies


Design Management

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