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Biopharmaceuticals are a continuously growing field that requires consistency and precision. As innovations in medicine and technological devices improve, a demand for expansion and an increased scale of production are necessary to meet production demands.  


Ensuring an organized and precise facility is extremely important to prevent mishaps in production. The systems for these facilities are complex, and are of need for adaptable technologies that can be applied to numerous processes of production. It is increasingly necessary to upkeep technology that can apply to future demands and continuously have industrial reliability. 

Studio 151's Experience

With longstanding experience between our employees, Studio 151’s ability to precisely manage and execute the construction process of Biopharmaceutical facilities has allowed for a successful completion of past projects. Leading our employees to have past experience working for clients such as, but not limited to:

  • Medical Devices and Software Manufacturer in Milpitas, CA

  • American Biopharmaceutical Company in Foster, CA

Management Services

Program Management

Construction Quality Control

A/E Selection

Bid Management



Constructability Reviews

Due Diligence Studies


Design Management

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