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Mission Critical Data Centers


Mission Critical Data Centers are extremely high density power facilities. Different from normal Data Centers, Mission Critical facilities require an increased system of physical and cyber security. As the need for servers and processing facilities increases due to advancements in technology, these facilities are in constant demand.  


While these facilities involve just as complex of an electrical design process as normal data centers, high levels of security add to those challenges. All the challenges regarding these facilities come back to one point, the operation of the facility being disrupted. Any disruption can cost companies millions of dollars on the spot, so designing a facility to have the least amount of availability for disruption is necessary. Generators and HVAC systems are just a few of the needed components of these facilities to prevent operation disruption. 

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151’s engineers understand the complexity of these systems, the need for attention to detail and flexible design approaches. We understand the challenges of critical power distribution and the multiple approaches that can be taken to execute a data center. We take the approach of doing everything we can to understand our clients and designing the systems for the client, not just for the permit. Studio 151’s Engineering team has a range of experience in supporting Mission Critical Data Center Projects. The higher level of service our personnel has provided speaks for itself in the years of experience in successful mission critical data center projects. 


Working with companies such as, but not limited to: 

  • Search Engine Company Hyper Scale Design and Construction

  •  Social Media Company Data Center critical power metering

  •  Goldman Sachs Wealth Management Call Center

  • Bay Area Based colocation vendor international buildout

Engineering Services

Owner Representation 

Power Distribution Design 

Title 24 Documentation 

Construction Permit

Engineering Calculations

Construction Administration 


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