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Transportation infrastructure is used on a constant basis. From driving to work, taking the bus or riding your bike, a person is utilizing the interconnecting systems of transportation in the nation. This market is another example of a high demand construction industry, people have to drive to work, school, etc. As populations continue to grow, so does the need for stop lights, street lights, interchanges, etc. 


This industry contains a large number of complex electrical design challenges. All systems within the industry must last for as long as possible so as not to cause accidents and traffic. These systems also need to meet state and national standards, while also meeting the local city requirements in the area. Allowing the development of these systems to have a large variety of design differences.

Studio 151's Experience

 The transportation industry has a large variety of electrical systems such as traffic lights, video cameras, and vehicle sensors,  just to name a few. Our engineers have dealt with almost every variety of these electrical systems, with numerous successfully designed and executed projects. The experience we have allows for the acknowledgment of the need for flexibility within designing these systems, while creating solutions that fit the clients needs. With decades of experience in Electrical Engineering, Studio 151‘s Engineers has a plethora of experience in designing electrical systems within the transportation sector.


Working with companies such as: 

  •  Rte. 73 (17 Mile Tow Road) – Lighting, Traffic Signal, Ramp Metering, Toll Collection.

  • Rte. 5/ Rte. 55 Interchange Upgrade (10th Busiest Interchange in U.S. at the time

  •  Various Caltrans Projects (Hwy. ltg., Ramp Metering, Weigh in Motion Station, Vehicle Speed and Count Station, Urban Interchange, Tunnel Lighting, Off Ramp Traffic Signals, Weather Station, Sign Lighting, Changeable Message Signs)

Engineering Services

Owner Representation 

Power Distribution Design 

Title 24 Documentation 

Construction Permit

Engineering Calculations

Construction Administration 


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