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K/12 and College Level Design

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Educational Facilities are defined as any facility centered around educational services and student learning. There is a large range of size and variation within these facilities, dependent on it being a K/12 or College level facility. Kindergarten through 12th grade facilities usually have a base in average classroom size, and building structure. However, College level facilities are more unique, with a larger variation of complexity and size. 


Educational facilities have a large range of challenges in regards to electrical design. Large or small, all education facilities require an in-depth knowledge of the diverse needs for each facility, including up to date network connectivity, telecommunication and safety systems. The numerous types of buildings in Education also present a multitude of challenges; varying between gym facilities, classrooms, dorms, etc.

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151’s Engineers have a wide range of experience meeting these challenges. Due to our higher level of service and flexibility with client based needs, we have successfully supported a large number of education based projects. Our Engineers understand the complex systems that go into designing educational facilities. 


We have supported projects such as, but not limited too: 

  • Sonoma State University – Stevenson Hall Remodel

  • San Jose State University Stadium – Spartan Athletics Center

  • Stanford University Maintenance/Facilities Office Consolidation Bldg 

Engineering Services

Owner Representation 

Power Distribution Design 

Title 24 Documentation 

Construction Permit

Engineering Calculations

Construction Administration 


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