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Hotels and Entertainment


The Hotel and Entertainment Industry is a diverse sector, with varying structure types. Hotels are establishments that provide housing, food and other services to people needing short term accommodations. While the entertainment sector goes into facilities that contain concert venues, theaters and other performance venues. 


The Hotel and Entertainment industry comes with many unique design challenges that vary between facilities. Hotels require an in-depth knowledge of the safety requirements and a need for constant power supply to the multitude of rooms. While in the entertainment industry the wide range of needed electrical systems create a multitude of challenges. These challenges include systems for production lighting, sound, video, broadcast, stage machinery and special effects. 

Studio 151's Experience

Our Engineers bring a higher level of service when designing hotel and entertainment facilities. Studio 151’s engineers meet the challenges in this market with a flexible design approach that focuses on client needs. The success of the projects worked on can be seen in the projects previously worked on. 


We have worked on project such as, but not limited to: 

  •    W Hotel, Condos, Apartments – Corner of Hollywood and Vine

Engineering Services

Owner Representation 

Power Distribution Design 

Title 24 Documentation 

Construction Permit

Engineering Calculations

Construction Administration 


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