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Healthcare is a constant part of our nation's infrastructure. From Hospitals, to clinics, any facility that involves the provision of health services can be considered under this market sector. Healthcare is a constant demand, with provided services varying in severity dependent on the facility and patient. To keep up with demand, these facilities are constantly being updated and developed across the country. 

The healthcare sector has a diverse range of electrical design challenges. As each building is unique, and focused for a specific practice, the needs of each project varies. However, in general healthcare facilities require an ability to adapt to the constant medical practices and service demand. In hospitals, designs of backup power supplies are necessary to prevent patients on life saving machines from dying. Electrical safety is also extremely important, especially in large scale facilities with multiple stories and clients.

Studio 151's Experience

Studio 151’s Engineers have an extensive range of experience in designing and supporting healthcare projects. We undertsand the complexity and variety of these facilities electrical systems. Our team's ability to quickly execute and understand the different challenges within designing electrical systems in this sector has allowed for multiple successfully executed healthcare facilities. 

These projects being, but not limited too: 

  • Hoag Hospital Nursing Tower Cardiac Post-Op Intensive Care Unit

  • Napa State Hospital – Electrical Power Distribution, Air Side Upgrade

Engineering Services

Owner Representation 

Power Distribution Design 

Title 24 Documentation 

Construction Permit

Engineering Calculations

Construction Administration 


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